I am a child

La Maison, founded in 2013, is a shelter in Greater Toronto serving Francophone women and their children who are facing family and partner violence.

From the outset, in collaboration with the Ministry of Community and Social Services, La Maison has worked to establish a strong support program for Francophone children and adolescents who have been exposed to violence within their families.

The more than one hundred children and teenagers served by La Maison since it opened could have benefited from a support program in French, to help them towards gaining a life free from violence.

La Maison is now actively working towards establishing an innovative program in French, based on research by Professor Cathy Humphreys from the University of Melbourne, which clearly identifies that the Mother/Child relationship is severely damaged by violence enacted against the mother and the children. This approach uses interventions designed to break the silence around family violence, a silence imposed by the desire to protect each other from the harsh reality of the violence, and actively takes steps to rebuild the Mother/Child relationship.
The budget of this program is $200,000 and despite the Ontario government’s contribution, there is a shortfall of funds to get the program up and going. That is why we are appealing to you for help.

On the occasion of the 2017 International Children’s Day, La Maison orgnizes an exceptional Soirée in order to sensitize the public to the right of Francophone children and adolescents to have adequate support resources, in French, when exposed to family and partner violence and to raise 20 000$ that will partly finance this program at La Maison.

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